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Did you know…

the potential compensation payout for a back injury with damage to the spine and nerves could be between

£91,090 and £160,980

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Did you know…

A hip injury, such as a fracture, that could require a replacement, could be worth between

£39,170 and £52,500

In a personal injury compensation claim.

What Claims Can How Much Compensation Help With?

We can offer you free legal advice, support and guidance on a range of different areas of law, including:

  • Personal injury compensation claims – such as car accidents, cycling and motorcycling accidents, workplace accidents and slips, trips and falls in public places. We can also help with allergic reaction claims. These incidents could leave you with problems ranging from a soft tissue injury to severe ankle injuries. You can find more comprehensive guides on websites like They offer useful information on the likes of the evidence needed in personal injury claims, compensation payouts, and how to connect with suitable solicitors. You can also use their free personal injury claim calculator.
  • Data breach claims – such as the accidental sharing of personal data, the loss or destruction of data, and certain types of cyber attack. These incidents in, extreme cases, can cause pain and suffering in the form of mental health problems like post traumatic stress disorder
  • Medical negligence – such as the misdiagnosis of conditions, birth injuries, never events, and prescription errors
  • Criminal injury claims – such as assaults, historic abuse and rape

Why not check out our video below that explains how we can help you here at and how we help support people with their personal injury cases.

Can I Make A No Win No Fee Compensation Claim?

It’s our belief that everybody who’s been wronged through no fault of their own has an opportunity to restore the balance in their lives and to be compensated for the harm inflicted.

We’ve supported thousands of people over the years with claims and are proud of the service delivered and the manner in which we’ve helped them.

Given our experience, we understand how stressful and worrying a legal issue can be. A serious injury sustained in a car accident, for example, could leave you unable to work for weeks. While your income may stop, the outgoings often don’t, and that can create financial stress and worry.

It’s issues like this we understand all too well. And we’ve designed our service to ensure that it both works for you and supports you.

One way in which we achieve this is through No Win No Fee agreements. Also known as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), this form of contract between you and your personal injury solicitors allows you to pursue a claim without having to pay any fees unless the case is successful. Here’s how it works:

  • The contract is based around the key condition of success. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay any of your lawyer’s costs that they have incurred in representing you.
  • You won’t have to pay any costs upfront, nor while the case is ongoing.
  • If the claim is a success, your lawyer will take a small fee from your compensation award—a success fee—to help cover their costs, which can reach thousands of pounds. Success fees are capped by law and will be outlined in clear terms within your No Win No Fee agreement.

If you have any questions about CFAs, our advisers are on hand. Give them a call today.

How Much Compensation Could I Receive?

If you have valid grounds to claim compensation for injuries, then you may have questions about what payout you may receive. Some people may seek a compensation calculator for UK claims to help answer this question.

Compensation for a personal injury claim varies on a case-by-case basis. It can be made up of two heads of damages. One is called general damages, and this compensates you for the pain and suffering your injuries have caused.

If you’re eligible to claim for general damages, then you may be able to receive additional compensation for what’s called special damages. Compensation for special damages can cover for financial losses directly linked to your injuries you’re claiming for and the incident which caused them. Examples of special damages may include loss of earnings if you’ve been forced to take unpaid time off work or the cost of home care services you’ve required while recovering.

You can check out the compensation payouts included in the table below. The figures are based on the 17th and latest edition of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), published in April 2024, apart from the top entry which is a general estimate figure for claiming multiple serious injuries plus special damages.

The table covers a variety of injuries you may claim for following certain incidents such as an accident at work or medical negligence. It should only be viewed as a guide only.

Injury typeSeverity of injuryCompensation amount
Multiple serious injuries plus special damagesSeriousUp to £500,000+
Brain injuryVery severe£344,150 to £493,000
Brain injuryModerately severe£267,340 to £344,150
Leg injuriesLoss of both legs£293,850 to £344,150
Hip InjuriesSevere£95,680 to £159,770
Back injurySevere (i)£111,150 to £196,450
Neck injurySevere (i)In the region of £181,020
Psychiatric damage generallySevere£66,920 to £141,240
Knee injuriesSevere (i)£69,730 to £96,210
Ankle injuryVery severe£50,060 to £69,700

To learn more about compensation payouts and how much your own claim may be worth, you can read the guides available on our website or contact our team of advisors.

You can ask our team questions about payouts or using a tool like a personal injury claims calculator for free when you either call us or send us a message online. If you have a valid claim, our team could also connect you with an expert personal injury solicitor for support.

See How Much Compensation You Could Get For An Accident At Work

If you suffer an injury while at work, it’s possible to make a personal injury claim.

Accidents in workplaces can happen in many different ways and in many different settings. One of the most common types of accidents at work are slips, trips and falls, according to statistics shared by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

If an accident happened because of your own errors then you may not be able to make a claim. However, if a colleague or the actions or inactions of your employer was the cause, a compensation claim could be justified.

Let’s explore this further with an example. Let’s say you work in a factory where you’re required to use an angle grinder each day. However, it’s developed problems and become defective. You’ve reported the issues to your manager, but they’ve not inspected it, tried to fix it, or made any effort to replace it. One day while using it, the tool breaks, leaving you with a deep cut on your arm. In this case, because your employer didn’t take any action, they exposed you to unnecessary risk. This is otherwise known as breaching their duty of care.

The amount awarded in compensation varies case to case so there isn’t an average payout we can state here. The more an injury affects your day to day life and the longer it takes you to recover from that injury will influence the settlement amount you receive. You can find out more about workplace accident claims at

Compensation Payouts In Sexual Abuse Compensation Claims And Similar Cases

Compensation payouts can vary depending on the type of case.

One area in which the amounts received can be different to other areas of law is with claims for criminal injuries.

These types of cases include the likes of:

  • Historic sexual abuse, as well as recent abuse
  • Rape
  • Sexual assaults
  • Physical assaults

The eligibility criteria is also quite different, but you can find lots of useful information on For example, to make a claim for historic sexual abuse, you need to report it to the police as soon as you’re able. You then get a narrow period of time to begin the claims process. Compensation awards can also vary and there are lots of information in relation to this too.

What Evidence Do I Need To Claim Compensation?

When making a personal injury claim, it’s important that you provide sufficient and relevant evidence. It can help to prove:

  • You suffered an injury and the nature of your injury with materials such as medical reports, or photos of your injury.
  • Negligence was responsible for your injury with evidence such as contact details of witnesses, or recorded footage which can help corroborate your claim.

It can also influence how much compensation is awarded to you. For example:

  • Medical evidence can give details on the severity of your injury and how it’s likely to impact you in the future – a factor that can be considered when calculating your compensation.
  • Financial evidence can support the amount of compensation you are requesting for your financial losses. This can include receipts for expenses related to your injury, or payslips to prove loss of income caused by your injury.

Different pieces of evidence could be required in different types of compensation claim. The examples we have listed are not exhaustive. For more information on what evidence you can collect for different types of claims, call our team.

They can also discuss how much you could potentially receive as a compensation award for whiplash or other injuries you could suffer.

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