How Much Compensation For A Broken Arm? Case Study And Guide On Broken Arm Claims

The following guide details aspects that may be important if you are thinking about claiming compensation for a broken arm. The possibility of taking legal action is strong so long as you can prove negligence as the cause of your injury.

Compensation For A Broken Arm

Compensation For A Broken Arm

As this guide progresses, we’re going to explain various accident scenarios, as well as define duty of care breaches. And as part of this, we have got an example case study of a typical arm injury claim resulting in a £22,000 compensation settlement.

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  5. Case Study: £22,000 Compensation For A Broken Arm
  6. Simple Explanation Of A Duty Of Care
  7. What Is Liability For A Breach In Duty Of Care?
  8. Your Broken Arm Compensation Estimate
  9. No Win No Fee Policy For Broken Arm Cases
  10. Where Are Suitable Personal Injury Lawyers?
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How Much Compensation For A Broken Arm?

So, how much could you get in compensation for a broken arm? Well, that varies depending on numerous important factors. And we’re covering those throughout the guide, ranging from injury severity to financial losses. And we also make mention of aspects of the claims process which could make life easier as you seek justice. One major example would be No Win No Fee agreements, which we discuss in the second half of this guide.

Personal Injury Claims Time Limit

Any victim of an accident who wishes to claim compensation for their injuries has 3 years in which to do so. This window begins from either the date they were hurt, or alternatively the day you gained knowledge. Now, the claims process itself may last for some time beyond that. But as long as you initiate proceedings within 3 years, you could potentially receive compensation for your broken arm. However, please note there are exceptions to this rule. Get in touch today for further information.

What Is An Arm Fracture?

Any fracture is in reference to a bone-cracking or completely breaking. When it comes to an arm fracture, it could refer to any bones within either arm. They include the humerus, the radius, the ulna. The typical symptoms indicating an arm fracture are a deformity in shape, as well as strong pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness. This would also include the arm feeling weak and unstable, particularly when trying to elevate the arm. 

If the arm fracture is only minor, then the bone should naturally heal within weeks. For a moderate arm break, meanwhile, then it could take several months to make a 100% recovery. Should the arm fracture require surgery, the recuperation time might extend to much beyond a few months. And for a severe arm break, it could be more than 12  months to make a recovery with some lasting damage. Not all major fractures and arm breaks will recovery fully some may be left disabled as a consequence. Find out more by contacting our friendly team via our 24/7 Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner.

Examples Of Financial Repercussions From Arm Fractures

The physical pain of suffering an arm injury is troublesome enough to handle for any victim. But it isn’t just the impact of the arm fracture itself that can cause problems. For instance, it may not be possible to drive with a broken arm, meaning that public transport becomes a necessary requirement. And depending on the extent of the damage, you could face months of relying on public transport, meaning ticket costs adding up noticeably. If you can’t work, then you may be looking at months off work, potentially without sick pay. You may also have to pay for medication, prescription charges as well as someone to look after you if you are unable to do so. If you go onto make a successful claim, however, you may be able to recuperate these expenses back. Ask us any questions by telephoning us using the number at the top of the page.

Arm Injury Claims – Example Scenarios

In order to make an arm injury claim, the injury you sustain needs to have been the result of negligence. This is a breach of duty causing you harm.

Here are some examples of potential scenarios that may involve negligence:

  • Road traffic accidents – Road users owe each other a duty of care to navigate the roads in a way that reduces the risk of others experiencing harm. This is outlined in the Road Traffic Act 1988. There are also guidelines and rules, some of which are backed by law, in the Highway Code. A failure to uphold their duty of care could lead to different types of accidents on the road. For example, collisions between vehicles could occur if a driver was operating their vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This could lead to road users involved sustaining a manner of different injuries, including arm fractures or even amputations.
  • Public places – Under the Occupiers’ Liability 1957, the party in control of a public space owes a duty of care to ensure the reasonable safety of visitors. If this duty of care is not upheld, it could lead to members of the public sustaining harm. For example, a slip, trip or fall could occur if a spill has not been adequately signposted in shopping centres, bars or restaurants.
  • Accidents in the workplace – Your employer must make sure they take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm in the workplace. This is stated in Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. If they do not uphold this duty, it could lead to an employee sustaining harm at work. For example, they might fall from a faulty ladder of which their employer failed to maintain the safety.

There are other potential scenarios too. Get in touch today to find out if you could have a valid claim for broken arm compensation. An advisor can also provide further guidance on arm injury claims.

Case Study: £22,000 Compensation For A Broken Arm

Miss Roman, 24, worked as a primary school teacher in her hometown. She loved her job, and she hoped to progress to a head role in years to come. But she would encounter a major setback in the form of an on-site accident.

One afternoon, Miss Roman was tidying her first-floor classroom after the children had gone home. It was coming into early evening before she left. On her way to the school car park, she was not aware that the ground had become very icy and she suffered a severe fall. Miss Roman put out her arm to take the blow of the fall however this is what caused the fractured forearm. There had been no gritting of the school grounds although ice was predicted on the weather. The ice had begun to fall late afternoon, fortunately after the children had already been dismissed. 

Other colleagues rushed to her aid and helped Miss Roman to her feet. Nevertheless, she was taken to hospital for further evaluation. There, Miss Roman was diagnosed with a fracture of the left forearm. Thankfully, she wouldn’t require surgery for the fracture itself, but she would need to rest at home for 12 weeks. 

Though Miss Roman was able to return to work, her left arm never truly felt the same. Further down the line, she would discover nerve damage that had left her forearm weaker. And while Miss Roman could still continue her duties as a teacher, the nerve damage would prove to be a source of pain and frustration. So much so that while she avoided surgery for the fracture, surgery for the nerve damage remained a possibility.

After speaking with a personal injury solicitor, Miss Roman filed a claim against her employers, and she received £22,000 in compensation for her broken arm. The settlement included general damages and special damages. 

Type Of Special DamagesIncludes:How Much?
Carer/Home helpHelped with basic daily tasks.£2000
Medical CostsCosts of medication during recovery£300
Transport CostsCosts of public transport usage during recuperation£200
Cancelled Events Cancelled holiday £1500

Note: This is purely an example. It provides merely one possible scenario of a victim receiving compensation for a broken arm.

Simple Explanation Of A Duty Of Care

A duty of care is designed to protect people from harm by upholding their safety and wellbeing. We’re going to explain shortly the various duties of care in practice. A duty of care is provided by those who have a legal duty to a person’s wellbeing and safety. Anytime a third party has a responsibility to look after you and fails to do so, it potentially demonstrates negligence. And if that’s the case, you may have the basis on which to claim compensation for an arm injury. To discuss this in greater depth, please contact our knowledgeable team today.

What Is Liability For A Breach In Duty Of Care?

Liability represents the responsibility that a third party has. This is especially important when it comes to a duty of care breach, Only by identifying who is liable can the party be deemed to be at fault. 

Employers have liability to ensure employees safety while at work. According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, employees must be protected as much as reasonably possible. If your accident was caused by another employee if negligence is proved it would still be the employer who is held liable for your suffering. In this case, a typical example might be that an employee trips over an uneven surface at work, resulting in a broken arm.

What about accidents in public places? The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 was established so that members of the public are safe from avoidable harm. Public spaces can include supermarkets, libraries, parks, pavements, shopping centre to name but a few. One example of being injured in a public place could be slipping in a supermarket due to produce being left unattended on the floor. 

And then we come to road traffic accidents (RTAs). This would see liability lying with road users as per the Highway Code. And that would apply to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike; whomever it was that caused the accident. This could range from a minor collision to a serious crash which could result in a broken arm. And if multiple injuries are suffered in the process, then a multiple injury claim could be the outcome.

Your Broken Arm Compensation Estimate

So, we have outlined how an arm fracture could occur and where liability would rest for such a situation. Now, we come onto the potential compensation you may be able to claim for. Before considering the figure, though note that we would use the evidence you bring forward to determine your possible settlement. In other words, we wouldn’t be using an online personal injury claims calculator, since that tends to only provide general estimates. By prioritising you with your circumstances as the focal point, your compensation estimate would be much more accurate.

The compensation for your broken arm would also focus on the findings of your medical evaluation. This is an important criterion of the claims process. And that’s because it allows a doctor to diagnose to the greatest extent the damage that you have suffered. This includes the injury itself, the cause of it and the overall impact on your day-to-day life. It essentially links the accident itself to your present-day physical condition. And that would greatly support the viability of your case.

Two Heads Of Loss; General and Specials Damages.

As for the compensation payout? Well, that divides up into two parts. General damages would be the first, and these focus on the primary consequences of the accident. We’re talking about the physical and mental impact of your injury, with the related pain and suffering included. Special damages would be the other, and these with all remaining costs of your injury. So, these would be covering lost earnings, physiotherapy, medical treatment and gracious care from family and friends. If you had to hire a nurse or carer to look after you, or professionals to handle home chores, these would also be included. But having receipts and invoices to justify each layer would be highly advised.

Want to know more about compensation estimates? Call our specialist team at any point.

No Win No Fee Policy For Broken Arm Cases

Our panel of personal injury solicitors utilises a No Win No Fee policy. It means that you would only pay your personal injury solicitor’s legal costs if your case is victorious. Even then, you’d only pay a limited success fee as it’s capped by law. But if the case loses, you don’t pay anything to cover your personal injury solicitors’ specific costs. Call us up to chat further about No Win No Fee solicitors.

Where Are Suitable Personal Injury Lawyers?

The right personal injury lawyers could be identifiable by the following traits:

  • Many years of high-level industry expertise;
  • An established track record of successfully winning cases;
  • Specialities towards arm injury claims;
  • A large number of positive reviews from past clients being easily available;

By calling our advisors today they can provide free advice about your circumstances. Through a free consultation, they can inform you whether your case has winning merits. If they feel you have a valid case they could refer you to expert personal injury solicitors. Get in touch via the Live Chat below.

Bring Your Broken Arm Claim Forward

Having explained everything you should know about making a claim, the time has come for us to talk with you. Let us assess your case for free. We can provide crucial advice that you may need. Speak with an advisor, by telephone 0800 408 7826, use the Live Chat feature or complete the contact form. You can get in touch at any time of the day, as well as on any day of the week. And keep in mind: even after you speak to us, you’re not under any obligation to move your claim ahead.


How much could you sue for after suffering a broken arm?

It all depends on the severity of the injury. And whether you experienced financial losses and expenses. 

Could there be long-term effects of a broken arm?

For a minor fracture, you should heal to 100% with few problems. However severe breaks could leave the arm with a disability. 

Can you sue anyone if they cause you to break your arm?

No, it all depends on whether they had a duty of care to your health, whether they breached this and whether this caused your injury. 

How soon could legal proceedings begin?

The Time Limitation Act 1980 may apply here. 

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